signed an MoU to enroll in the Lebanon #ESG Stewardship Program

MEVP’s portfolio company signed an MoU to enroll in the Lebanon #ESG Stewardship Program, a program launched by USAID’s Trade and Investment Facilitation project and Capital Concept. The program will be helping BASMA, the invisible aligner company, adopt more sustainable business practices as well as achieve market advantages and increase its competitiveness. Under the #Lebanon ESG Stewardship Program, Basma will be provided with support, mentorship, and guidance all the way to receiving an ESG certifications, which will help them do good, while continuing their mission of giving everyone a smile they love.

The MoU signing ceremony was held in the presence of Basma co-founder and CEO, Cherif Massoud , and Capital Concept - ESG & Sustainable Finance Consultants Founder Yasser Akkaoui.

Congratulations to Basma!
We hope to see more Lebanese #startups following your path towards a more sustainable #startupecosystem.