With a track record of proven startup success in the MENA region, we help our founders drive strategic growth and create a sustainable ecosystem while adhering to prime ESG principles.

we’re committed

To attract disruptive innovators, provide them with smart capital to fulfill their potential and multiply shareholders equity.

We aim

To foster innovation and entrepreneurship and accelerate the digitization of the MENA region.

MNT-Halan Supporting MSMEs with financing

Our portfolio companies collectively generated more than $1.2B in revenue in the past 3 years

Impact on Lower-Middle Income Countries

Our investments have created over 73,000 jobs, primarily in lower-middle income countries in MENATP
85% of the jobs our portfolio companies have created have been in lower-middle income countries

Impact on Women in the MENA Region

Created opportunities for women in technology; ~27% of the current permanent positions at our portfolio companies
Our founders share our commitment to diversity and economic empowerment for women:

- Anghami has helped more than 5M artists monetize their work - 60% of whom are women
- Bykea has provided women with opportunities to earn income from homecooked meals that are delivered by the company
- MNT-Halan has supported women through financial inclusion as a relatively  high percentage of their loan goes to women

ESG Commitment

Our ESG efforts are in collaboration with Capital Concept - ESG & Sustainable Finance Consultants

The past decade has witnessed a proliferation of frameworks incentivising companies to adopt and report on rapidly environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards. Those developments and a growing market appetite for greater ESG information have subjected company ESG performance and disclosure to greater scrutiny in the court of public opinion and even spawned new litigation.
Venture Capital firms all over the world were consequently pressured to “future proof” their businesses and focus on ESG standards to meet stakeholder expectations and exponentially increase the value of their portfolios.

At MEVP, we want to be pioneers of ethical investing in the MENA region because we firmly believe that even if a company is making considerable profits today, if it’s not managing its ESG risks and opportunities properly, then it is in danger of failing in the next couple of years. However, by laying an ESG foundation as a core pilar of our growth, and adopting circular principles, the firm and the companies under its portfolio will have business models in which resources never become waste and will secure more lasting success.

We target profitable and disruptive technology start-ups, but we also look for businesses which help achieve many of the United Nations’ sustainable development goals:

Decent Work and Economic Growth
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Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure
Invested in First Movers across 18 investments
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Sustainable Cities & Communities
Invested in startups that have direct or indirect positive Impact
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