Andreas Ehn

Independent IC Member

Andreas Ehn is an international figure well renowned in the venture tech scene. He was Spotify’s first employee and its chief technology officer (CTO). He managed a world-class tech team that designed and built the platform for the global music service. At the time, his innovation created a breakthrough in how music could be streamed on-demand with an unlimited catalogue. We invite you to watch the “Playlist” series on Netflix, episode 4 is all about him.

He has been a venture partner for MEVP since 2016, as well as an IC member of our previous fund, MEVF III. Andreas is quite familiar with MEVP’s investment strategy, and vision, and the MENA region’s challenges and culture.

Andreas is currently a board member and angel investor in several companies, and an IC member for Antler’s the Southeast Asia. He is frequently hired as an advisor by promising start-ups, venture capital funds and corporates. Before Spotify, he worked for the Swedish online-gaming company Stardoll. He is Wrapp’s co-founder and was its CTO until fall 2014.